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Twitter News Content Subscription Platform Scroll to Advance

Twitter Acquires News Content Subscription Platform Scroll to Advance its Creator Revenue Tools

In this post, we will tell you the Twitter News Content new tools Twitter and will let you know the launch date of that tool.

Twitter News Content Subscription Platform

It’s taken a short time, but it’s like Twitter’s finally trapped with my recommendations, and is putting them into effect.

Back in 2016, in a piece of writing about alternative Twitter News Content tools, and ways to use tweets for research and analysis, I wrote:

“Honestly, I wish Twitter would just buy Nuzzel and integrate it into their ‘Trending Topics’ listings to form them more personally relevant.”

Now, some five years later, Twitter is doing exactly this. Which I’ll chalk up as a win on behalf of me, and perhaps even add it to my LinkedIn profile. I can say ‘Product Advisor at Twitter’ now, right?

Joking aside (and this is often a joke), Twitter has today announced its latest acquisition, with website reading platform Scroll becoming a part of the tweet flock.

As you’ll see during this example, Scroll provides a way to read online articles without the ads, “cleaning up the reading experience and giving people what they want: just the content”.

Scroll uses the cash it generates from user subscriptions to the app (from $5 per month) to then expire revenue to the sites it sources content from, which Scroll claims finishes up securing even more income than ads for its partner platforms.

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And now, Twitter will look to integrate these features into its steadily evolving content and subscription offerings.

As explained by Twitter:

“Those who create and consume news know that reading – and more broadly, journalism – deserves a higher future. The scroll will help us build that future, solving one among the foremost frustrating parts about reading content online. we would like to reimagine what they’ve built to deliver a seamless reading experience to our hyper-engaged audiences and permit publishers to deliver cleaner content which will make them extra money than today’s business models.”

Twitter says that it’ll build Scroll into its upcoming subscription tools, which are still in development.

“As a Twitter subscriber, picture getting access to premium features where you’ll easily read articles from your favorite news outlet or a writer’s newsletter from Revue, with some of your subscription getting to the publishers and writers creating the content.”

Twitter News Content Tools Features

That, of course, ties into Twitter’s acquisition of Revue, which it announced back in January, which has since been added into the first samples of how a subscription process on Twitter would work.

As you’ll see here, once you ‘Super Follow’ someone on Twitter, as goes this instance, you’d pay a monthly subscription fee for access to a variety of special community features, including newsletters and exclusive content.

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Through this proposed update, powered by Scroll, users would seemingly be ready to subscribe to Twitter itself, which might then enable them to look at a specific number of user newsletters or posts per month, with the cash you pay then allocated to every creator/publisher that you simply engage with.

Launch Date Of Twitter News Content Tools

Twitter has not officially announced the date of the Twitter News Content Tools. According to us, it will be launched after may month or the mid of July.

It can take more time because of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 in the full world.

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