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What are Instagram Reels? How To Make Videos On It?

All Detailed Guide About Instagram Reels and How To Make Videos On It

Today, we’ve brought something for you, which may be new hope for all of you. As you recognize, TikTok is banned in India, and every TikTok holder is very concerned.

Now they’re trying to find such social media platforms, which is like TikTok. Therefore Instagram has added a replacement feature like TikTok, which is extremely surprising.

Where we will share and make a brief video like TikTok on Instagram.

Instagram has named its new feature “Instagram Reels”. Everyone knows that in today’s time, everyone uses Instagram.

This feature could also be special for Instagram users because Instagram Reels has been trending ever since this feature was added to Instagram.

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People are using it. So today we’ll offer you complete information about “Instagram Reels” during this article. You read this text till the last.

What are Instagram Reels?

what are instagram reels

Instagram has become a large platform. Instagram has added such a feature to entertain its users. Through which we will make a brief video, share it with our friends or on Instagram.

This is because TikTok is banned in order that people don’t miss it. you’ll use this feature by getting to your Instagram account.

Regarding this feature, the corporate says that the Reels feature goes to be quite famous in the coming time.

Because through this, who is an Instagram Creator, they’re going to be ready to share their creativity on Instagram and send it to their friends.

This feature has been added with another limit in order that we will give some additional updates within the future.

If any update comes within the future, then you’ll be ready to use it when Instagram is updated.

When Instagram Reels Released and Will Updated Next?

The Instagram Reels feature has been launched on 9 July in India. With this, India has become the fourth such country, which can use Instagram’s reels feature. Earlier, 3 more countries have used this feature.

His name is Brazil, Germany, France. Those are enjoying this reels feature.

It is believed that this reel feature has arrived in India. These hottest platforms will overcome the shortage of TikTok, which has ruled the hearts of many people.

India has banned TikTok. the most reason is that TikTok threatened India’s privacy. But now the Instagram reels feature will overcome the shortage of TikTok.

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How To Make Videos On Instagram Reels?

If this feature isn’t available on your Instagram account. So you initially attend the Play Store and update Instagram from there. once you update, Then I will be able to inform you of ways to use it.

Step 1

First of all, open your Instagram account. then, open the Instagram camera and slide it to the left. Then attend the story screen of your timeline. There you’ll see three options at rock bottom. “Live, Story, Reels” then you press the reels.

Step 2

After opening the reels, you decide on your favorite audio. On which you would like to form a brief video. you’ll also use your voice in it and choose your favorite song within the Instagram music library. After this, you’ll be shown which part of the music you would like to form a brief video on.

Step 3

When you select audio, you’ll then speed up or hamper that video. Whatever you wish. this will assist you to create videos with an identical speed.

Step 4

When you do all this, then you’ve got to settle on a filter. in order that your video can make an honest impression on people and therefore the video quality looks good. there’ll be many filters ahead of you unless you wish any filter. Till then you retain sliding it.

Step 5

It also features a timer which you’ll use at your convenience. it’s a countdown if you’re making a brief dance video. Then you’ll also use this timer.

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Step 6

When you are recording a video, and you’ve got the middle button below the screen. Keep pressing it. it’ll be beneficial that if you create any mistake while making the video. So you’ll improve it by backing it again.

Step 7

After recording, if you press the arrow mark, you’ll bring your recorded video to the screen. Then if you would like to write down anything thereon video, you’ll write it. After this, if you are going to place your story thereon or share it.

In this way, you’ll use the Reels feature of Instagram if you follow our given steps. Then you’ll learn well.

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How To Use Other Features Of Instagram Reels?

When you click on the following button after shooting a video, then you’ll get this feature. These features are often very special for you.

  • Download Button Option: Through this feature, you’ll download the video you’ve got shot on Reels.
  • Clip art Option: many of us are using this feature. Because through this we will put perfect emojis on our videos, which affect many individuals.
  • Drawing Option: this feature is additionally beneficial. you’ll write and color anything by selecting a pen on your video and by your wish. Often many of us write many on our videos.
  • Text Option: With this feature of Instagram reels, you’ll write your recorded video text messages or any quotes.
    When you do all this, then everyone will think that where should I share the video I even have made? After this, once you click on the arrow button. Then you’ll see the share screen. Then you’ll have the choice of reels and stories ahead of whom we should always share the video. For this, read the knowledge given below.
  • Reels Share: once you share your video with reels share, Then you’ll see the video within the reels tab. Until you delete or remove. By then it’ll appear on the spot.
    There is a special thing during this that you simply need to look out of your account is private. Whoever has followed you’ll be ready to see your video easily, this is often a superb feature for users.
  • Story Share: Guys, if you’ll share your reels post within the story. So it’ll be visible only on your stories, and it’ll be removed at the time of the removal of the stories. you’ll share it here too.


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