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Whatsapp Voice Messages Playback Speed Will Be Added Soon

Whatsapp Is Testing Playback Speed Of Voice Messages

Facebook-owned company Whatsapp Working On Different Voice Messages Playback Speed. This will help the users who love to hear the voice messages either at a high or at a low speed.

Types of Whatsapp Voice Messages Playback Speed

Whatsapp is working mainly on the three playback speeds. WABetaInfo has recently shared the screenshots of this feature.

In that screenshot, WABetaInfo has shown mainly three Whatsapp Voice Playback Speed. These include 1.0X, 1.5X, and 2.0X. The feature will be immediately available to all the users and users won’t follow any steps to use that feature.

If anyone receives a voice message, Whatsapp will add a voice button feature on it.

When Will Be Whatsapp Voice Messages Playback Speed Launch

The Whatsapp Voice Playback Speed feature will be launched immediately after the testing is completed. It will be available both for IOS and Android devices.

WABetaInfo is also saying that the Whatsapp Voice Playback Speed option will be launched by Whatsapp in few weeks only.

According to WABetaInfo firstly the feature will be available to the IOS users and after that for the Android Users.

Features of Whatsapp Voice Messages Playback Speed

This feature will allow users to use multi-device support. This helps the users to connect to the Whatsapp web without connecting the phone to the Internet.

Multi-Device support will available to the devices after this feature has been launched to all the devices.

Get Whatsapp Voice Playback Speed Feature Early

If you joined the beta program of Whatsapp then you can get access to the feature early. The beta program also supports connecting four desktop devices at once.

The beta program also has the Facebook postal service. Whatsapp said that some of the Whatsapp features will not be immediately available like the deletion of the messages.

The features that are not working will be added immediately during the Beta program. Some of the features like calling may be supported only if the recipient is using the most recent version.

Beta Feature For Business Whatsapp

whatsapp beta feature

The Beta feature will also be available to the Business Whatsapp as well. There is not any clarity of the date when these two features will be available in the public beta of business WhatsApp.

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