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First, To backup your gmail data you have on your gmail and to do so you have to open the Google Account page. Now visit, your PC’s web browser. the bulk of your Google account settings and information are stored away here.

In the event that you simply aren’t marked into your Google account, click sign up on the higher right corner of the screen, at that moment enter your email address and secret word.

gmail pc download

Step 2

Select Personal information and security. It’s within the center focus of the page.

Step 3

Select the management of your substance. You’ll see these options below the “Individual information and security” heading on the intense left half of the screen.

email data backup

Step 4

Select your archive. It’s under the “Download your information” section on the right side of the page.

Step 5

Select choose NONE. This dark catch is getting ready to of the very best point of the page. Doing as such can deselect every issue on this page, that keeps you from support up to the bulk of your Google Account’s views instead of simply backing up Gmail.

On the off probability that you’d wish to duplicate your whole Google Account, avoid this progression and therefore the following one.

Step 6

Look down and click on the dim “Mail” switch Image titled Android7switchoff.png. The switch can flip blue Image titled Android7switchon.png, implying that your Gmail substance is supported up.

You’ll see a descendant endeavor bolt to 1 aspect of “All mail”— clicking it’ll change you to choose between transferring the bulk of your mail and selecting specific names to download simply messages with those names joined.

Step 7

Look down and click on NEXT. It’s at the bottom of the page.

download all gmail data

Step 8

Select a document .. Snap the Image titled Android7dropdown.png image beneath the “Document live (max)” heading, at that time click a size within the menu.

In an excellent world, you’ll choose a size which allows the bulk of your Gmail records to be in one organizer. as an example, on the off probability that you simply have below 4 gigabytes of data (however similar 2) in Gmail, you’d click the 4 GB differently.

Step 9

Select create ARCHIVE. It’s at the bottom of the page. Doing like this can invite Google to begin creating a reinforcement record along with your inbox’s documents in it.

Contingent upon your inbox’s size, this may take a number of hours (or, as per Google, even days).

extract gmail data download

Step 10

Download your reinforcement document. once Google wraps up your reinforcement document, they’re going to email a download link to you. you’d then be ready to transfer your reinforcement document:

You will see a message “Your Google data archive is ready”, click here.

Select download chronicle within the email.

Return your Gmail secret phrase once incited.

Select a spare space whenever done.

Trust that the document can get finished downloading onto your laptop.

Step 11

Open and examine your document. Since the files can transfer in the zip file, you’ll get to separate it before you’ll be able to open it:

Windows — Double-click the downloaded record, click Extract at the best folder of the window, click Extract all, and snap Extract. once the document completes the method of separating, you’ll see its records like another organizer.

Macintosh — Double-click the downloaded record, at that time rest for it to extract. once the record gets finished separating, you’ll see its documents like another organizer.

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