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Twitter Undo Button Paid or Not (Revealed By Twitter)

Twitter Undo Button Feature Is Paid

Earlier this month Twitter announced that they are launching the Twitter Undo Button soon. But, they don’t say anything about the Twitter Undo button is paid or not.

Now Twitter in his recent tweet revealed that the Twitter Undo button is paid and that will only be available to the persons who taken the subscription of Twitter.

Twitter Undo Button Paid

The persons who taken the Subscription of Twitter are allowed to use some premium features by Twitter. Now there is good news for the users who taken the Subscription.

Twitter now gives one more premium feature to the Paid users and that is they can now Undo their tweet which others can’t because the Twitter Undo button is paid.

Twitter Paid Subscription

A security researcher of Twitter who is Jane Manchun Wong said that Twitter is working on the Twitter Paid Subscription Features.

He says that Twitter is going to add one more feature of the Twitter Undo button paid. Jane Manchun Wong tweet is given below:

Twitter Undo Button Paid Features

Jane Manchun Wong also revealed that how the Twitter Undo button will work. According to him, Twitter undo button will not delete the tweet.

But, it will stop the tweet from being sent. The timer will also be shown to the users in how much time they can Undo their tweet. It is not clear that how much users have to pay for the Twitter Undo button to subscribe for it.

Twitter Undo Button Roll Out date

So far, Twitter has not announced the date for the Twitter undo button. But, they revealed that Twitter will soon launch the Twitter undo button.

According to the expectation, the Twitter undo button will be launched in two to three months.

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