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World Sleep Day 2021: Apps That Will Help You Sleep Better

Apps That Will Help You To Maintain A Healty Sleep Cycle

March 19, This year will be celebrated as World Sleep Day 2021. This occasion is one of the most important parts of our daily routine.

World Sleep Day is organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society. The main reason for this occasion is to remove sleeping disorders and to prevent sleeping issues around the globe.

On this day the sleep disorders are discussed around the globe and tips for preventing them and maintaining a healthier sleep cycle on a daily basis.

We know a good sleep of mainly 6-8 hours is necessary for the proper functioning of the body but, these days our sleeping hours are taken by our work, studies, stress, etc. Even some of the peoples use sleep tracking devices to track how much sleep that want.

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Apple Watch Tracking

apple watch sleep tracking

Sleep tracking is much more accurate with the help of Apple’s tracking watch or some other android tracking watch.

The Apple watch will help you to track your sleep and maintain the sleep numbers and get up after that with a hepatic alarm.

However, tracking the sleep only diagnosing the problem. To ensure that you have taken a healthy sleep then here are five apps that will help you get the right amount to sleep on this world sleep day 2021.


Calm is the meditation app that you can use before going to bed. Calm is the best app of meditation on this list because it will help you sleep faster and better with its exercises, music, etc.

Calm will also show some lessons which will practically teach you to sleep faster. Users can also get a subscription to Calm to get some paid content from the Calm app.


Headspace is the app of meditation that will help you to meditate with the best techniques of meditation. With this, the app also has some courses in it which will help you to maintain your sleep cycle on this world sleep day 2021.

A free version of the headspace app will provide limited access to its content but, if you are paid user of the app then you can get unlimited access to its content.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies according to its name will help you to relax by playing relaxing sounds and music. You can set the time either to play the music all night or to play the music up to a certain time.

The free version will give you limited access to its content. The paid version of Relax Melodies app will give you unlimited access to its content.


Noisli is also according to its name will provide you with relaxing sounds and music. But, this app has a big feature that Relax Melodies do not have and the feature is customizing the music according to your taste.

If you like bass music then you can customize it like that and if you like the shrill sound you can get that. A free version gets you 16 sounds and 15 hours of streaming a day, while a paid version gets you 28 sounds, no limit on streaming, and some more features.

Sleep Cycle

The sleep cycle is an app that will monitor your sleep time and patterns. This has also great features that will help you to get good and better sleep.

It will monitor your sleep and the sounds that you made with your phone. This will monitor when your body is in lighter position of sleep and will try to wake up you. You can also set a alarm when to get up because of getting late.

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