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Signal Tips and Tricks You Must Know (Secret Tips and Tricks)

Checkout These Top Five Tips and Tricks Of Signal App

The signal is one of the most popular secret messaging apps right now around the globe. This app is a private messaging app and does not have many advanced features. Today we will tell you Signal tips and tricks you must know while using the Signal app.

Signal app rivals are Whatsapp and Telegram. The signal is the biggest social media app according to the privacy of the users. The motto of the Signal app is the protection of the user data by tricking a number of apps that do not provide privacy.

Signal Tips and Tricks

signal tips and tricks

Signal tips and tricks are mentioned below: Remember these tips and tricks are secret.

Proxy Support In Banned Regions

The signal is one of the few secret messaging apps that support proxy addresses. This helps the users to use the signal app via proxy where the Signal app is banned. This is one of the most awesome telegram tips and tricks among all.

This feature is currently only available on Android but will soon be available for IOS devices also. The Signal app also automatically configures the proxy server when tapping on a link or scan a QR Code. Even while using the signal app via proxy your internet service provider will not be known anything.

Block Screenshots

Signal App blocks the process of taking the screenshots. This feature will disable your phone to take screenshots of the chats to remain the chats secure.

This ensures and stops the apps from taking data of the Signal app running in the background. By this feature, if the signal app is recent then a black preview will be shown without showing anything. Note that this feature will not allow you to take screenshots even of your own contacts.

Incognito Keyboard

A signal incognito keyboard is not the keyboard of the signal app but it is a modified version of your existing keyboard app. When this feature is on signal app modifies the keyboard and will avoid taking your typing data by the keyboard app.

This is also one of the best Signal tips and tricks which makes the signal app more secure. This also tells us that the keyboards that we use take huge information about us that is secret.

Relay calls

Signal’s relay calls feature allows your calls to be relayed via the Signal server. Compared to normal calls via Signal, this prevents your call receiver from getting your IP address.

However, since the feature works by relaying your call via an extra server element, your call quality may be affected and you may not find the same clarity in voice. Hence, if call quality is your top-most priority, you can always

SMS Integration

The signal app also offers an SMS integration option which also great signal tips and tricks that secures the SMS also. This will act as a primary SMS app if you allowed it

This will make your work easy by using only one app for SMS and for chats also. However, doing this will lose some of the advanced features that your existing SMS app gives.

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