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Effortless Ways To Get Real Followers On Pinterest 2021

Get Real Followers On Pinterest Organically Free Of Cost Easily

Nowadays, Pinterest is doing very well in the social media history out of all social media platforms. Due to this, there is too much competition on Pinterest. So, today we will show you that how you can get real followers on Pinterest in 2021 free of cost.

Pinterest is usually a platform where users share photos that is made by him/her. Firstly Pinterest was known as a platform especially for girls but nowadays all users use Pinterest.


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On Pinterest, huge businesses have lowered the reach of the small users or small businesses by promoting the pins. That is why on the demand of our users we have researched the ways to get real followers on Pinterest and brought out for you.

Ways To Get Real Followers On Pinterest Organically

Let’s dive into the ways by which you can get real followers on Pinterest organically free of cost.

1. Create Pins that Direct to Valuable Resources

In the beginning of 2016, Pinterest made a change in its algorithm which affect the pins shown to the users on their home feed. As observed by me I think Pinterest is focusing more on showing pins that takes the users to the direct valuable content.

The amazing images that do not send the users to any particular valuable resource are shown less. This includes the images that do not take the users to any website or more content.

2. Focus On Growing Your Followers and Reach

Having a huge follower base is important but you will be shocked to listen that it’s not that important you are thinking. I have seen the pins that have less than ten thousand followers then also generates huge traffic to the website with good revenue.

The trick is not only for growing the followers it is for reaching to the non-followers and show your pins to them. To do this you have to post relevant pins that peoples are searching for.

By doing this the peoples will like and share your pins and the Pinterest algorithm will boost your post to reach more and more audiences.

To see an example you can dive to this link

3. Use Relevant Keywords In Board Names

The best trick to get real followers on Pinterest is that to use the relevant keywords in the board names so that the pins show in the interest and other popular tabs.

If you want to encourage the travel audience then you can use either Travel or Travel Tips in the board names and if you want to encourage the adventurous audience then you can type Adventure or Adventure Tips and Tricks in the board names.


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4. Use Similar Keywords In Your Pin’s Description

Pinterest does not call itself the social media website. Pinterest calls itself a discovery tool or a tool where the audience can get huge satisfying information.

Pinterest works like a search engine like Google which helps the users to conduct searches and perform important functions like marriages, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, etc.

That is why it is important to treat Pinterest as a visual search engine and the pin that redirects the users to a website should have two to three keywords in your pin’s description.

5. Use Guided Search

To know which types of keywords the audience is searching on Pinterest, use Guided Search that will help you to know that better.

Guided search allsmo

The word that you type on that will show more relevant keywords that you can use in your Pin’s description.

6. Increase Your Repins and Engagements

If you are thinking to rank on the top of Pinterest search then you might know that the number of repins that you will get on your pins is a strong factor to rank on any keyword or outrank other’s pins.

Let’s imagine the ‘A’ pin gets 100 repins in 1 hour and the ‘B’ Pin gets 100 repins in 2 hours then the ‘A’ pin is enough to outrank the ‘B’ Pin.

The other strong factors that vary search results on Pinterest include who repins your post and the click that you will get on your Pins.

If your spinners are more active users on Pinterest then surely you will get more advantage in case of ranking than the non-active users.

7. Join a Group Board

Joining the group boards to get more traffic on your pins is very effective in the past. But, if you think to join a group board to get more traffic today then also it is a good start.

Group boards are the boards like a Facebook group. It has one or more than one contributor. Each contributor has the ability to add their own pins and each board has guidelines that vary from board to board according to the board’s moderator.

Finding the right board group is amazing way to viral your pin to thousands of peoples on Pinterest. To discover a comprehensive list of group boards, you can visit

Pin Groupie allsmo


8. Apply For Rich Pins

Rich Pins are the Pins that show some extra information and are optimized to show the pins in the Pinterest feed. This is the best way to get real followers on Pinterest.

There are many rich pins for movies, food, fruits, vegetables, etc. To identify rich pins from normal pins you have to see on mobile devices it shows a small favicon and on desktop, the top will be bold.

This way you can identify rich pins from normal pins. Another great benefit of rich pins is that when the user clicks on the rich pins and scroll down to describe the meta description of the blog post is shown first which is great in the case of SEO.


These were some of the amazing researched ways which will help you a lot to get real followers on Pinterest organically free of cost.

If this post helps you really then please dive towards the sharing buttons and increase our motivation level by clicking on any of the sharing buttons.

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