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Twitter Adds Indian Payment Provider Razorpay 2021

Twitter Adds Indian Payment Provider Razorpay to Tip Jar Options

In this post we are going to tell you Twitter Adds Indian Payment Provider Razorpay. Be on this post to know full details about Twitter Adds Indian Payment Provider Razorpay.

Twitter Adds Indian Payment Provider Razorpay 2021

As Indian tech adoption continues to accelerate, every digital platform is trying to find ways to determine a firmer foothold within the Indian market, and boost usage among India’s 1.4 billion citizens.

The region offers huge potential for the platforms that catch on, and an enormous a part of this is often the rising creator economy, and providing incentive to stay to influencers posting to their apps.

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Which is where Twitter is looking with this new addition – in the week , Twitter has added support for Indian payments company Razorpay into its Tip Jar option on user profiles, giving Indian users more ways to integrate payments within the app.

More About Twitter Adds Indian Payment Provider Razorpay

As you’ll see here, additionally to the prevailing payment providers, users who have access to Twitter’s Tip Jap option will now even be ready to select Razorpay, broadening the capacity for facilitating payments within the region.

Twitter Adds Indian Payment Provider Razorpay 2021

As explained by Twitter:

“By integrating Razorpay, we’re hoping to supply people in India with an easy and secure thanks to send money as a token of appreciation or as a present . Tip Jar is out there in multiple Indian languages including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi and Tamil.”

But it isn’t available to everyone just yet. Twitter’s Tip Jar, which it launched last month, remains only available to a limited test group, including selected creators, journalists, public figures and community leaders. But all users can send tips to applicable accounts, on both Twitter for iOS and Android – so while not most are ready to monetize their Twitter audience via the choice so far , for people who can, it does open up significant opportunity.

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Pros Of Twitter Adds Indian Payment Provider Razorpay

India is currently Twitter’s third-largest user market, behind the US and Japan, and with Indian creators trying to find new opportunities, sparked by the recognition of TikTok and other social apps, and emerging from the impacts of the pandemic, now’s the proper time for the platform to feature new features that align with these trends.

Twitter also notes that its Tip Jar is now accessible within Spaces on Android, while a broader roll-out of the choice is coming soon.


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