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Facebook Filed a Patent For an AR Hat Latest 2021

Facebook Filed a Patent For an AR Hat, The Latest in its Evolving AR Push

In this post we are going to tell you Facebook Filed a Patent For an AR Hat. Be on this post to know full details about Facebook Filed a Patent For an AR Hat.

Forget AR glasses, consistent with a replacement patent registered by Facebook, The Social Network is developing an AR hat, which might expand the immersion of the device, and facilitate more advanced AR experiences within an isolated, standalone unit.

Facebook Filed a Patent For an AR Hat 2021

The patent was spotted by Founders Legal, which also provided a quick summary of a number of the key elements of the device, which point to why Facebook could also be looking to create an AR hat, in variance to AR glasses (which Facebook’s also developing).

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“The display would be incorporated into the brim of the hat to attenuate contact with the user. Additionally, heat-generating components required to run the synthetic reality display are often given similar treatment and be incorporated into areas of the hat that don’t have direct contact with the user, like the brim.”

Facebook Filed a Patent For an AR Hat Latest 2021

So a hat provides more spatial options for the specified components than glasses alone, which could make it a far better option for more immersive, free-standing AR usage, while Founders Legal also notes that the expanded area of the device would enable the addition of more digital sensors, including face tracking tools, microphones, environment sensors, etc.

“The extra weight added by the synthetic reality system are often equally distributed throughout the band of the hat, instead of on a couple of pressure points, just like the top of the user’s ears and therefore the bridge of their nose, leading to a way more user-friendly and cozy experience.”

Which all makes perfect sense – but wouldn’t it look better?

That looks like a less relevant, maybe even a vain consideration, but the very fact of the matter is that if AR glasses don’t look good, albeit they fo provide utility, people won’t wear them, and take-up up won’t be easy.

Google found this out the hard way with Google Glass, with the geeky reputation of the device quickly outweighing most, if not all of its potential value. The device had other limitations, of course, but the design of the glasses alone was considered a big think about market resistance, which eventually ended its potential as a consumer product.

Why Facebook Filed a Patent For an AR Hat?

Snapchat knew this when it first developed Spectacles, which is why it’s specifically focused on the planning and appearance of the glasses, while Facebook itself has partnered with EssilorLuxottica, the manufacturers of Ray-Ban, to create its coming smart glasses, the primary iteration of which can are set for release sometime soon.

But that first version is unlikely to be fully AR-enabled, with Facebook now pitching its initial raid AR wearables as ‘smart glasses’, which, like Spectacles, will enable the wearer to capture images and video of their real-world view, along side another functions.

Maybe, then, an AR hat are going to be Facebook’s first real shift into the AR wearable space. The added capacity to incorporate more elements is sensible , and if they appear reasonable enough, and not like you’re wearing an area helmet as you wander round the local mall, then it might be a viable option, counting on where Facebook goes with it.

I mean, Facebook does note that there might be several variations of hat style within the patent:

“The present disclosure describes a spread of approaches to incorporating artificial reality components into different hat-based form factors, like baseball caps, visors, cowboy hats, fedoras, etc.”

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An AR fedora, m’lady. Could see that one ending badly.

It’s a stimulating consideration – but equally, it’s also worth noting that altogether of Facebook’s updates and disclosures on its in-development AR tools, it’s made no mention of an AR hat. that would mean that the choice has been shelved – or hung abreast of the hat rack, metaphorically speaking. the first filing date for the patent June 19th, 2019.

In any event, it’s interesting to notice the varied developments within the AR/VR space, and where Facebook, especially , is looking because it works towards subsequent stage of its process.


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