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Whatsapp Voice and Video Call For Desktop Users (New Feature Launched)

Whatsapp Desktop Users and Do Voice and Video Call Now

Whatsapp desktop users can now make voice and video calls which is just a great thing for desktop users. It is announced officially Whatsapp Voice and Video Call For Desktop Users. Whatsapp messaging app is now owned by Facebook which was told by Whatsapp in a tweet itself.

Whatsapp Voice and Video call feature for the desktop users was demanded by many users, and keeping the user’s satisfaction in mind WhatsApp has announced the voice and video call feature now for the desktop users.

Recently Whatsapp has also launched a mute video for smartphone or the android users. The advantage of it is not to end the call for work you do not want to show you can mute or hide the video for a particular time.

Whatsapp Voice and Video Call For the Web

Unfortunately, the Whatsapp voice and video call feature are not available for web users till now. Whatsapp not announced and informed anything about the Web users.

It means that if the desktop users want to make voice and video calls then it is necessary for them to download WhatsApp on their computer. But, as per our experience, we think WhatsApp will announce it soon for web users.

Whatsapp Group Voice and Video Calls For Desktop Users

Till now WhatsApp has only announced one to one calls for desktop users but, they announced that group voice and video calls will be soon launched in the near future.

Also, the voice and video calls made by the desktop users will support both landscape and portrait mode.

Whatsapp Voice and Video Call For Desktop Users Security

Whatsapp Voice and Video Call For Desktop Users security are very good as always. Whatsapp announced that the voice and video calls will have end-to-end encryption.

The desktop users do not have to worry while making voice and video calls on the desktop. It is the same as that on smartphones. Even WhatsApp announced that it will be much better than smartphone users.

How to use Whatsapp Voice or Video Call on Desktop?

Using the voice and video call feature is very similar to what we are using on smartphones. The guide is given below in clear steps:

Step 1: Download Whatsapp for Desktop

For using the WhatsApp voice and video call feature first of all you have to download and install Whatsapp on your computer. You can do that by clicking on Download here.

After downloading install it on your computer.

Step 2: Open and Scan QR Code

After installing Whatsapp on your computer, open Whatsapp and scan the QR Code to log in to your Whatsapp. You can do that by clicking on the Whatsapp Web.

Step 3: Choose Video or Voice call

After login either click on the video call button for the video call or the Voice call button for the voice call.

Call Will be placed

After clicking voice or video call your call will be placed.

Why Video call is not placed on the Desktop?

You are not able to do video calls on the desktop because first of all, you have to ensure a good internet connection then and is your WhatsApp is updated to the latest version.

Also, make sure that your pc supports video calling windows 10 64 bit supports video calling and Mac OS does not support it.

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