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Snapchat Shares New Data Of How Users Prepare A Return To Normal

Snapchat Shares New Data Of How Users Prepare A Return To Normal Pre-COVID Life

In this post we are going to tell you Snapchat Shares New Data. Be on this post to know full details about Snapchat Shares New Data.

Snapchat Shares New Data Of How Users Prepare A Return To Normal

With the vaccine roll-out now well underway in many regions, we’re starting to see the sunshine at the top of the COVID tunnel, and a return to normal life, including social gatherings, events, people’s faces in full-view, etc.

Snapchat Shares New Data Of How Users Prepare A Return To Normal

That has many of us planning for subsequent stage, and what they’re getting to do with the freedoms they once took without any consideration . With this in mind, Snapchat recently commissioned a replacement study from GroupSolver to urge an understanding of how its users, specifically, are planning for subsequent stage.

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The data shows that Snapchat users are already outpacing non-Snapchatters in ‘post-pandemic’ activities, like eating at restaurants, shopping in-person, getting to see movies and plays, and getting to major events.

Which is sensible – Snapchat’s user base still skews young, and younger people are at far lower risk of suffering serious complications from COVID-19, therefore making them less concerned about the private dangers of the virus.

As a result, they might be more hospitable a return than the overall population – but however , the info points to new opportunities for marketers in reaching bent these segments with promotions and campaigns aligned with the return to normal activity, where applicable.

Case Study About Snapchat Shares New Data

Snapchat users are mostly looking forward to catching up with family and friends in-person, and attending parties and barbecues among other social gatherings.

Which also is sensible given the app’s younger audience – and really, younger people have likely omitted on the foremost during this context, with larger social gatherings playing a way bigger role in their regular interactions and helping them to make a way of identity and belonging.

And travel is additionally attention -as per Snapchat:

“Snapchatters (51%), especially those ages 25+ (54%), are outpacing non-Snapchatters in making travel plans.”

That may also open up more opportunities for marketers in reaching bent Snap users.

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And unsurprisingly, they decide to keep using Snapchat as things come .

I mean, that’s probably to be expected, but again, it does point to new and ongoing opportunities within the app, with regard to connecting with these audiences and promoting relevant products and offers.


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