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Signal App Stopped Working In China (Secure Messaging App)

Still Be Available To Apple's China Store Will Work In Hong Kong

Signal App Stopped Working in China after the users noticed that they are unable to use the Signal secure messaging app without Virtual Private Network (VPN).

In the last few months, China’s cybersecurity is very strict about the security of the peoples cannot be disturbed by any insecure app. If they find any app insure they used to ban it same as that of Signal App Stopped working in China.

The app will be still available to Apple’s China store and the website is working well in Hong Kong. The signal app is not available to the other stores.

Though the Signal App stopped working without a VPN and the reason for the ban of Signal App is not given.

What is Signal App?

Developers of the US developed the Signal secure messaging app by which the messages are not tracked by any third party.

After Facebook-owned Whatsapp revealed the guideline to share the user’s information with the partner Facebook.

Reason for Signal App Stopped Working In China

There is not any reason given by cybersecurity or China. Without any notice, the Signal app is banned in China. The users who loved Signal App are angry because without any notice it stopped working.

Users demanded the reason why the Signal app stopped working? But, there is not any reply from the cybersecurity of China.

What is China’s ‘Great Firewall?’

great firewall of china

China Cybersecurity uses legislative technology to ban the apps and websites which are found to threaten the government.  This operation or process is termed China’s “Great Firewall.”

If anything is banned by China’s ‘Great Firewall’ then the peoples of the country are unable to access the international apps and website without using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Search Engine Google and its products are also banned in China.

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