How to Recover Temporarily-banned Instagram Account 2019

If you are reading this post, then your Instagram account is likely to have temporary restrictions. There is no need to worry though there are many people through this prohibition from Instagram.

In fact, social media networks, such as Instagram, maintain strict user policies so that each user has a good experience.

However, it may happen that you seem to be doing normal activities that raises the red flag and then the next thing you know is that you have been banned from the site.

In this article, I am going to tell you everything about temporarily banned Instagram account, why some accounts are prohibited, how to recover it, and even those things that you can not ban again

Let’s fix it.

How to tell if you have been banned Instagram or not?

It is easy to say whether you have been banned Instagram or not. If you are reading a message that looks like something like the following image, consider banning your account.

Your temporarily blocked


You will also know that you are unable to perform some actions Uploading photos, like, following or commenting, you are potentially being restricted.

What causes the Instagram restriction?

Here are some reasons why you can temporarily restrict your Instagram account. See if you can be related to any of these activities.

1. following the mass and unfollowing people

It is quite likely that if you follow people, they will follow you. However, following and following people can be a problem for you in a short time.

The reason behind this is that such a behavior looks like a specific Instagram bot, from which the forum can ban your account.

2. Liking and unlocking photos is very fast

It’s normal to have 3 to 5 photos in Instagram for one minute, but liking a good number of photos in a minute (about 100) makes your account suspicious. Since such activity can only be linked to a bot, as a result Instagram may probably restrict you.

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3. Using third-party apps

There are several third-party apps that come with many attractive offers to improve the status of your Instagram account. These apps can help you get more followers or followers to get auto commentaries on other followers, pictures of others.

Yet all this comes with a great result. Using any third-party app for all these functions on Instagram means that you are following a certain pattern (like a bot) and as soon as Instagram’s algorithms are smart enough to detect these activities Your account will be mostly banned.

4. Commenting very fast

Commenting on photos is a great way to give more risk to your account. However, commenting too many photos very quickly or using a third-party app to do so may lead to a temporary ban on your account on Instagram.

5. Posting Similar Comments

Yet another reason for Instagram to ban your account is to post similar or similar comments to people’s pictures at times. Here also a third-party app can put you in trouble because they post generic comments on people’s pictures that are similar to each other and are not related to most photos.

How to temporarily restrict Instagram?

To recover your temporarily restricted account on Instagram, you can do some such things here and continue your activities as before.

1. Report Instagram

If you are mistakenly doing something that has temporarily banned your Instagram account, then you can report your case to the administration by clicking on “Tell us” or “Report” option.

2. Stop for 2 days and start again on the third

As a precautionary measure, you should stop all tasks for at least 2 days. By this, I mean no choice, comment, follow or follow up. However you can continue to browse Instagram.

On the third day, restart the Instagram with normal activities that will prevent you from appearing like a bot. Just like some photos in a day and make a comment and try to upload a photo to see if things are working well.

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How to Avoid Being Banned Instagram account in the Future?

To avoid the inconvenience of banning your Instagram account, you can do some things that you can do.

1. Uninstall any third party applications

As I mentioned above, third-party apps offering to promote your Instagram account actually cause more harm than good. So if you are using any one, you should stop using third-party apps immediately as the first step.

In reality, if you want to attract authentic traffic and real users to your account, it is best to manually publish your account.

2. Instagram linking with other social networks

Linking your Instagram account to your other social media account is a good idea. If Instagram considers your account to be suspicious, linking to other social networks makes you feel more lawful.

To add Instagram to other social networks, do the following :-

Step 1. Go to Settings
Step 2. Under Options, go to Privacy and Security> Linked Accounts.
Step 3. Link to as many social networks as possible.

Last Update – 10.11.2018

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