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In this post, I will teach you How To Create A New Support Ticket In all SMO Tools so, if you don’t know what is the ticket and How To Create A New Support Ticket In all SMO Tools then, read the full post without missing any step.

What Is Ticket?

The ticket is the issue or bug or related to any problem that we are informing the developer or the company to fix it. In simple words, it is the complaint letter that reaches to the company and they try to fix that problem as soon as possible. Some of the sites do not provide an easy way to contact the developers but, all SMO Tools provide an easy way to contact the developers and also they are fixing the issue as soon as possible.

How To Create A New Support Ticket In all SMO Tools?

To create a Ticket in all SMO Tools you have to follow the below steps which I have mentioned that will help you to create a new Ticket in all SMO Tools.

Step 1

  • First of all Open Google
  • Search in google all SMO
  • Open the first link

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Step 2

You can also directly go to best Auto Liker

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Step 3

Then click on the Support button in the top right corner

IMG 20200325 132216

Step 4

Then on the next page click on Create Support Ticket

IMG 20200325 132251

Then on the next page, you have to fill the Ticket Information

IMG 20200325 132316

Step 5

  • First of all, you have to fill your Name.
  • Make sure to fill your Full Name

IMG 20200325 133017

Step 6

  • Then you have to Enter your Email
  • Make sure to enter the Email of your account only.
  • Email is asked to provide the status of your Ticket.

IMG 20200325 132343

Step 7

  • Then you have to select the category of the Support Ticket
  • You have to select Sales Category if you have any issue regarding the price of the VIP Services of all SMO Tools.

IMG 20200325 132538

  • You have to select Abuse Category if anyone on the site or there is any abusive thing on the all SMO Tools site.

IMG 20200325 133851

  • You have to select Feedback Category if you are providing feedback about the all SMO Services that how the services worked and you liked it or not.

IMG 20200325 133912

  • You have to select Payment Category if you are asking or have any issue or problem or want any help regarding the Payment services of all SMO Tools.

IMG 20200325 133930

Step 8

Then you have to enter the Subject In the Subject box. Example: Regarding feedback of the TikTok views service. NOTE:- The subject should be small in length.

IMG 20200325 132748

Step 9

Then you have to enter a description. NOTE:- The Description should be in detail so that all SMO Teams understand the issue carefully and work on that.

IMG 20200325 132817

Step 10

Then Verify CAPTCHA and click on the Submit Button.

IMG 20200325 132854

Then your New Support Ticket will be added and it will be processed in a few hours or it can take 24 hours or more if your issue is serious so, be patience.

IMG 20200325 132924

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