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Hide Phone Number On Telegram With This Trick (Secret Trick)

Hide Phone Number On Telegram and Stay Secure Form Strangers

Telegram is a private messaging app and provides many features. There is one feature by which you can hide phone number on Telegram.

Telegram has many features to hide the personal details and help the peoples to stay secure from the strangers by hiding their personal information.

Hiding a Phone number on telegram is a must so that strangers don’t take your registered mobile number and spam you in telegram or out of the platform.

That is why telegram taking care of these matters have developed a feature by which users can hide phone numbers. This is how you can hide your phone number on Telegram.

How To Hide Phone Number On Telegram?

To hide your phone number on Telegram to stay secure and safe from spammy peoples follow the below step-by-step guide so that this may help you.

Step 1: Open Telegram Settings

Open the Telegram app and click on the three lines.

telegram open

After clicking on the three lines click on the Telegram ‘Settings’

open settings by clicking three dots


Step 2: Enter Privacy and Security Option

Under the settings tab click on the ‘Privacy and Security option.

click on privacy and security

Under this option, you will find the ‘Privacy’ tab under which you can manage who can see your particular information like profile picture, last seen and more.

privacy tab

Step 3: Change The Phone Number Settings To ‘Nobody’

Click on the ‘phone number’ option.

click on phone number

After clicking on the phone number change the settings to ‘Nobody’.

select nobody

Hide Phone Number On Telegram Success

After doing this you can hide your phone number on Telegram.

Bonus Tip

Following the same steps, you can also change the privacy of the other information easily so that you may feel secure and safe on the Telegram.

Telegram also says that:

Privacy and Security satisfaction of the users is our first priority.

More Telegram Privacy Tips

Telegram tries to maintain your security within the app. The messages and chats are stored on your device. So if anything is deleted from your phone then it will be deleted from both platforms.

So, you can control the information who can see it and who can not. Here are more ways by which you can make Telegram more secure.


Can I hide my phone number on Telegram?

Yes, you can hide your phone number on telegram. Telegram provides many features to hide your personal information. If you want to know how to know here.

Can I hide the last name of Telegram?

Unfortunately, Telegram doesn’t let us hide our first or last names from others. But, you can change your name within the app. Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner and tap on ‘Settings.’

On this new page, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner. In the menu select ‘Edit name.’ Type the name you’d like to display and click on the checkmark in the upper right-hand corner.

Final Thoughts

Since telegram tries its best to provide full security to the users then also Telegram does not provide the necessary security features to its users.

Then also you can do some things to make the telegram app more secure by following the above tips mentioned you can do that easily.

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