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Facebook Green Screen Editing Tool For Content Creators (New Feature)

Green Screen Feature Will Be Available As An Editing Tool In Facebook

Facebook is testing out their new feature of the Facebook Green Screen Editing Tool. The Green Screen will be available as an editing tool for the content creators.

Mamun Billah via Social Media TodayAs per the screenshot shared by Facebook, the users will be able to see this in the story section. The user can choose photos or videos from the gallery section. When the user chooses this option then it will be shown as “Green Screen by Instagram” at the bottom.

Here is the screenshot of this feature:

Facebook Green Screen Editing Tool Features

features of facebook green screen editing tool

Facebook green screen editing tool will be very beneficial for the content creators. This will allow the content creators to add a green screen in the background of their photos or videos.

This is mainly the background remover tool by Instagram. Because it is firstly launched by Instagram and given by Facebook by Instagram only.

This feature will be available in the story section only. When the users select the photo or video from the gallery section then they can choose “Green Screen by Instagram” to use this feature.

Facebook Green Screen Editing Tool Rollout Date

As per the report currently, Facebook is working on the tool and testing it out for the successful launch of this tool. Facebook has not said anything about the rollout date of this feature.

The handy tool for content creators is already available on the short video creation app TikTok, which was banned in India last year.

There is no confirmation about the new feature being tested from Facebook or its possible rollout in the future. However, it will certainly add another dimension to content creation on the platform.

Earlier this month Facebook has rolled out the new feature of creating reels or the short videos feature on Facebook as well.

The social media giant announced that they are testing the Instagram content creators in India that will allow users to share reels on the Facebook platform. These reels will be shown to the users if the content creators allow it means that if they had a public account.

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