How To Add Fund on all SMO by PayTM QR Code? | For Indian User

Add Fund by PayTM in all SMO Tools

Hello Guys! We all know all SMO, but, some of us don’t know to How to add funds on all SMO by Paytm? in all SMO So, to know How To Add Fund by PayTM? stay on the post up till end so that no doubt left in your mind.

So, without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Video Tutorial –

Follow the below steps carefully to Add Fund by PayTM:-

Step 1: First of all search in google all SMO and open the first link.

Step 2.  You can also directly go to Top Auto Liker App

Step 3. Then scroll down and click on VIP Panel Login in the VIP Services Section.

Step 4: Then log in your VIP Account

Step 5: Then scroll down and click on Add Fund

Step 6: Then scroll down and click on Paytm

Step 7: Then open Paytm and click on Pay button

Step 8: Then scan the barcode of all SMO.

Step 9: Enter the amount how much you want to add in all SMO VIP account and click on the Pay button.

NOTE:- all SMO has a minimum of 10 INR to add fund by Paytm

Step 10: Now copy the amount and the Order ID.

Step 11: Enter the amount and Order ID in all SMO and Click on Proceed to Add

Note:- Make sure you don’t leave any space between Paytm Order Id (❌ 20190210_1234567890) & (✔ 201902101234567890)


Now, your fund by Paytm in all SMO will be successfully added and you will get the success messages.


If there is any doubt left in your mind then you are always welcome to the comment box below we will try to reply you as soon as possible. If there is any bug or any other issue in our services then you can also inform us by creating a support ticket, we will try to fix that bug as soon as possible.

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